Our contributors

Owner of Primos Populi. As a manager, I prefer to use a “people first, the rest will follow” kind of approach. My favorite topics are organizational culture, safe work environments, and lowering the center of gravity of the decision making process. I cultivate people’s awesomeness.

I am a futurist, system thinker and organizational transformation expert, dedicated to easing our transition into Society 5.0. I am available as a speaker through the think tank Hivernité (www.hivernite.ca) as well as a trainer and organizational coach through Moabi Formations (www.moabiformation.com).

I work with javascript, sometimes as a front-end or back-end web development or as a software developer. Above all, I am passionate about learning and interested in using technology for good.

Woman hailing from the Lower St. Lawrence, born in Cacouna, proud descendant of practical, efficient, colored and INTELLIGENT humans. Expert in the field of “all is possible”, I see and do things differently. I’m quite out of the box, I brainstorm and strongly believe in the fusion of the elements. Definitely a woman of impact that works on the field. I like to on the workplace with people. My main battle : how people fit in organizations, and why do they fit. The purpose. The coherence. And the Benevolent Culture of Humans that’s in the heart of my preoccupations.

Agile Coaching and Enterprise Culture change are my areas of expertise in a world that is going Digital and changing fast. I work with Individuals, Teams and Leadership to design and build a workplace that is adaptable to the ongoing changes and shifts in the world and that unleashes innovation within each individual being.

Corinne Roy Lagarde( Coordonnatrice de projets de formations linguistiques )

Corinne has been working in the field of foreign language teaching since 2006. She played many roles, both under the spotlight and backstage. Today, she coordinates linguistic training projects, and she’s also been an educational coordinator as well as a teacher, of course.

Corinne is passionate by the people surrounding her, by the importance they have in their organizations, by sharing knowledge and all the conversations that makes people grow and think.

Since 2007 (and also since my parents taught me), I help people and make them laugh. With my training background in career development, psychology, social work and human resources, I work daily on making people believe in themselves by helping them find out their true value. I’m also one of those who believe in project people want to do for themselves, their community or others, in order to change things. My rôle : being a source of resources and motivation.

My passion is to inspire others through my writing. When I interview and write for others, I make my words “speak” for them. And, I do my best to make words dance off the page and into people’s hearts and minds.

I have over 15 years of experience with technical writing, specializing in training materials for the restaurant industry – presentations, procedures manuals, job aids, handbooks, and marketing pieces.I’m also a LinkedIn “evangelist” because it is a phenomenal tool for connecting with and influencing others. I have given presentations on the benefits and features of LinkedIn to job seekers. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

I believe in human potential, and I help my colleagues to deploy theirs. With a systemic approach, I’m inspired by modern agile values: make people awesome, deliver value continuously, make safety a prerequisite, experiment and learn often.

Passionate about the people who surround me and determined to make their work environment pleasant, my keywords are collaboration, attention and action. My professional goal? To make sure that the teams I work with do not, in the end, need me anymore.

Having had a long history of impostor syndrome, I’m making my official entry into the great and wonderful HR family. Each of my steps is guided by intrinsic values such as collaboration, motivation, cooperation, creation, innovation, civility and humanity. Endowed with innate emotional skills, my daily mission is to look after the well-being of my collaborators and provide them with a working environment where they can blossom. Attracted by the new challenges, I want my “pen” to influence, inspire and that my words emanate from reflections on important issues. My goal: to put at the heart of organizations and decisions the Human Richness that is hidden there.