Contribute to Primos Populi

Contribute to Primos Populi

Did you contribute to the transformation of an organization? Did you live a deeply human experience in your workplace? Are you innovating in the way you care for people in your company? Did you witness a story that could inspire people?

Primos Populi is now open to contributors who would like to share their writings.

Guidelines and constraints

Here are the simple guidelines (and very light constraints) that you need to follow to contribute to our initiative :

  • You remain the sole owner of your articles;
  • You do not have to provide us with a minimum amount of articles;
  • You have to provide us with a picture and a short biography;
  • Your articles must be related to human approaches in the work place, ways to leverage collaboration or collective intelligence;
  • We might suggest modifications to the format of the form of the article;
  • We might suggest a featured image for the article;
  • We might translate your article in another language and post under your name;
  • Once the article is published, you have to share it on social medias of your choice;
  • We accept articles that are already published elsewhere, and if need be, we won’t cannibalize your search engine ranking : we will make sure Google knows the other version of the article is the original. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaking any contract or agreement by publishing the article on our website.
  • We reserve the right to be flexible on these guidelines exceptionally and on a case by case basis;

Subscription to contribute

Please fill out the following form, and we will contact you as soon as possible